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How are arts grantmakers and their arts partners and grantees managing the impact of the recession? What are foundations and other funders doing? How is funding being affected now, and how is it apt to be affected in the next 12-24 months? Since many believe that economic turmoil and a change in federal leadership offers the opportunity for substantive change, what role can arts and culture play in that change? Can we play a role in creating a stronger civil society and more sustainable communities? What are the possibilities for change within the arts and culture sector itself? How can arts funders help?

This site collects and synthesizes ideas, actions, and responses to these and related questions in the following general categories:

This blog was retired in January of 2010. If you have questions, please email Tommer Peterson, GIA deputy director for programs tommer@giarts.org.

Grantmakers in the Arts is a membership organization whose trade is discourse on ideas about arts philanthropy within a diverse community of grantmakers. Founded in 1985, GIA maintains a lightweight infrastructure that supports its members’ work together. Members include private, community, corporate, and family foundations, as well as public sector grantmakers, regranting organizations whose primary purpose is arts grantmaking, and individual donors who give through eligible organizations.

GIA programs include an annual conference, a major periodical, research, and other convening and communication services. Over 1,300 individuals – both trustees and staff – participate in GIA, representing over 300 organizations. The key assets that members bring to GIA’s work are knowledge and relationships.

Further information on membership can be found below.

Primary goals are to:

  • improve and strengthen arts philanthropy beyond GIA’s membership,
  • support individual grantmakers and deepen their involvement with each other, and
  • enhance GIA’s organizational effectiveness.

Find out more about GIA at www.giarts.org

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